(fotografata al Gargano-Puglia)
Iris bicapitata Colasante

Iridacee. Iris bicapitata is endemic of the Gargano peninsula at elevations of about 700m and more. For a long time this occurrence was thought to be I. lutescens (syn chamaeiris) which instead occurs on the other side of Italy ( Lazio, Toscana) however it is now recognised as botanically different and distinct. Iris bicapitata is a more robust species, with a distinct stem (up to 40cm in cultivation) bearing two flowers at the head of each stem - hence the specific name. In comparison, Iris lutescens (as well as the other Apulian endemic I. pseudopumila) bears only one flower, without a stem, (the floral tube acts as a stem). The colour of bicapitata is usually violet, but odd individuals are yellow, pure white, grey-white, but there are also striking bicoloured combinations of violet, yellow, pale blue with a picotee margin. This species has a pleasant scent, with notes of roses and violets. Easily grown in a sunny, well drained spot outside and the double headed stems are most conspicuous and attractive.
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